Biography of Heinrich Daniel Ruhmkorff

Heinrich D. Ruhmkorff was a mechanic and electrical researcher who invented the Ruhmkorff’s coil, a type of induction coil that could produce sparks more than 1 foot (30 centimetres) in length. This coil was used … read more

Biography of Sir Charles Wheatstone

Sir Charles Wheatstone was an English physicist and inventor whose work was instrumental in the development of the telegraph in Great Britain. His work in acoustics won him (1834) a professorship of experimental physics at … read more

Biography of Thomas Davenport

Thomas Davenport was an American blacksmith and inventor who invented the first DC electrical motor in 1834 and made a small model of electrical railway in 1835. He patented a device for “Improvements in propelling … read more

Biography of Moritz Hermann Jacobi

Moritz Hermann Jacobi was a German physicist and engineer, but he worked mainly in Russia. His works on galvanoplastics, electric motors, and wire telegraphy were of great applied significance. Moritz Hermann Jacobi was a German … read more

Biography of Auguste-Arthur de La Rive

Auguste-Arthur De La Rive was a Swiss physicist, one of the founders of the electrochemical theory of batteries. He explained the rotatory movements observed at the time of the aurorae boreales by the influence of … read more

Biography of Carl August von Steinheil

Carl August von Steinheil was a Swiss physicist who is known for his electric clock, telegraph device and optical instruments, particularly telescopes with silver covered mirrors. Steinheil’s telegraph In 1836 Steinheil devised a recording telegraph, … read more

Biography of Joseph Saxton

Joseph Saxton was a notable American inventor of the first half of the nineteenth century. He had built one of the first magnetoelectrical machines capable of producing electrical sparks. Joseph Saxton was born in Huntington, … read more

Biography of Nicholas Joseph Callan

Nicholas Joseph Callan, Irish priest, scientist, and inventor, was a pioneer in the development of electrical science; inventor of the induction coil, which led to the modern transformer. He constructed a giant battery of 577 … read more

Biography of Joseph Henry

Joseph Henry, the leading American scientist after Benjamin Franklin until Willard Gibbs, was a professor at Princeton from 1832 to 1846. His chief scientific contributions were in the field of electromagnetism, where he discovered the … read more

Biography of Johann Christian Poggendorff

Poggendorff studied problems in electricity and magnetism, he developed a mirror galvanometer and, actually, he gave the name “galvanometer” to a physical instrument measuring an electric current. Poggendorff was German physicist and chemist. Professor of … read more

Biography of Samuel Finley Breese Morse

Samuel F. B. Morse was an artist by training and worked successfully as a portrait painter until the 1830s. Today, however, Morse is primarily remembered as the inventor of the electric telegraph and the related … read more

Biography of Michael Faraday

English physicist and chemist whose many experiments contributed greatly to the understanding of electromagnetism. Faraday, who became one of the greatest scientists of the 19th century, began his career as a chemist. Many consider him … read more

Biography of Claude-Servais-Mathias Pouillet

Claude-Servais-Mathias Pouillet was a French physicist who designed the sine galvanometer and the tangent galvanometer and used them to support Ohm’s Law. Claude-Servais-Mathias Pouillet was born in Cuzance, Doubs, France, on February 16, 1790. Pouillet … read more

Biography of Dominique François Jean Arago

Dominique Francois Jean Arago is known for his contributions to physics and astronomy. In physics, his principle work was in electromagnetism and in light. In 1820 he found that iron placed in a wire coil … read more

Biography of Leopoldo Nobili

Leopoldo Nobili was an Italian physicist who carried out early research into electrochemistry and thermoelectricity. He invented a thermopile used in measuring radiant heat, and the astatic galvanometer. Nobili was born in Trassilico in 1784. … read more