Biography of Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim (also known as Dawood Ebrahim and Sheikh Dawood Hassan) is an India-born mafioso, currently believed to reside in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. Dawood’s early career developed in the Persian Gulf states and in India. As the head of a vast, sprawling illegal empire, Dawood is said to have acquired money and even political clout. His name has become a byword in political, business and law enforcement circles in the manner of Al Capone and Osama Bin Laden. After the Bombay Blasts in 1993, Dawood Ibrahim quickly became India’s most wanted man. He is said to have moved to Pakistan from the UAE during the ensuing controversy. In 2003, the US government declared Dawood Ibrahim a Global Terrorist and froze his assets in a bid to crack down on his operations.


The son of a police constable, Dawood Ibrahim is said to have begun his career in Mumbai working for the Karim Lala gang and soon shifted residence to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Dawood has businesses interests in India, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates. His brother, Anees Ibrahim, and Chhota Shakeel are believed to be his key aides.

According to the United States Department of Treasury, the syndicate headed by Dawood Ibrahim is involved in the shipment of narcotics to the U.K. and Western Europe. Dawood Ibrahim is believed to have ties with Osama bin Laden; the narcotic routes passing through South Asia, the Middle East and Africa are believed to be shared with Osama bin Laden and the Al Qaeda network. Dawood Ibrahim heads a organisation known as the D-Company which carries out billions of dollars of operations in Mumbai alone, he is believed to control much of the ‘hawala’ system, which is the very commonly used unofficial system for transferring money and remittances outside the view of official agencies. Much of the organisation’s operations are in India, allegedly with the support of Pakistan and the ISI.

In the late 1990s, Dawood Ibrahim is said to have traveled to Afghanistan under the protection of the Taliban. The syndicate headed by Dawood Ibrahim has been indicted on charges of inciting riots, and acts of terrorism. Dawood Ibrahim is currently one of India’s most wanted in connection with the blasts in Bombay on March 12, 1993. Dawood Ibrahim has been indicted with financially supporting Islamic terrorist groups such as Lashkar-e-Tayyiba.

In 2005, it was reported that Ibrahim’s daughter married the son of legendary Pakistani cricketer, Javed Miandad. However, Ibrahim did not attend the ceremony in Dubai, which was closely monitored by intelligence agencies.

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  1. arijit says:

    Actually how did he come to this business?Is there anything to do with his background

  2. sandeep says:

    we hate daud ibrahim

  3. pritam says:

    by the i would like to meet dawood sir because i love his biography and also his personality

  4. mohammad danish says:

    at 24oct 2010 i m leaveing my house and going to mumbai to become like daud… this is the most precious thing for me then my life

  5. Vernon says:

    he is my role model!!

  6. Deep says:

    Dawood is like "God Father" for me. I realy love you so much Dawood.

  7. akki says:

    itz a shame for india dat we stil cant catch him…

  8. shery says:

    i wana join him,

  9. ADITI says:

    then u r going to golden HELL… I PRAY TO GOD THAT U SHLD DIE…. BCOZ WAT U R DOING IS NT DIFF…

  10. akki says:

    i want to join his empire b'coz my i also want to live like him………….if it is able i can leave any thing for him

  11. prakram says:

    true said

  12. sajal says:

    go join him and kill ur humanity



  14. aditya says:

    haji mastan daud kaa bhi don tha because he was very nice man

  15. sanjeev singh says:

    allaha ka raham hnu tho mai daud ka baap ek din jarror banonga

  16. don says:

    mein bhi daud ki trha ban na chahta hon so pick me from this world i want to join u

  17. Praveen says:

    I wish you had applied your mind to right direction and you coud have been the Pesident of India like Abdul Qulam . Why u r ruining the reputation of Muslim do some thing good to them

  18. afsal says:

    y u hate he is the don

  19. afsa says:

    y every telling he is terrorist,,,u and we made him a terrorist,,,,the world called him terrorist,,,,,but i love the baddda don dawood ibrahim and my pray for him

  20. gvc says:

    who did support him

  21. Imran says:

    YOU GUYS ARE SICK THINK ABOUT YOUR FAMILY AT LEAST JERKS I WANNA BE LIKE HIM WHAT DO YOU THINK IT IS A GAME EVERYBODY WANTS TO PLAY IT JAO JA KER APNE APNE GOD KO YAD KERO AND LOOK INTO THE EYES OF YOUR MOTHER GAD . I am not Ind/pak i am from usa but orignally belong to pakistan my forefathers are from delhi India .Samjho bacho education lo aur Sab se bade ban jao why dont you guys look at bill gates william gates warren buffet and there are so many more.. God Bless you All.

  22. khan says:

    i m totally agree wid imran if u want to inspire to any one so why should,nt be bill gates,warren buffet.
    plz look ur mother eyes and after that think wat u want to be ion ur life.

  23. asish panda says:

    i love u dawood…..u r d bhai of india….love u..

  24. ATUL RAJPUT says:

    jo humanity ko nuksaan pahunchate hain or power ka galat faiydaa uthate hain wo galat insaan he hota hai chahe fir mazhab jo bhi ho or daewood bhi ek aisa he devil hai or iska nashhtt hona tay hai. raavan ka atyachaar bhi kafi samay chala magar marne ke waqt par uski aankho mein bhi khauf tha or yahi haal tera hoga daewood, teri ankhon mein bhi wahi khauf jaldi hoga. daewood agar teri sena mein 1 lakh tatte hain to tujhe marne wale bhi 100 crore hain. jab tak apne bil mein rahega surakshit rahega aur bahar tu nikal nahi sakta kyunki tu D-company chalata hai D- matlab DARPOK company. OR ye comments jitne bhi logon ne apne mat diye hain to suno daewood ke saath juur kar daewood se bda nahi ban sakte balki D ko maarkar usese bada bana ja sakta hai. thanks

  25. AKSHAY says:


  26. AKSHAY says:

    Dawood destroyed mumbai due to blast. He will pay for it one day,just like OSAMA BIN LADEN. GOD IS GREAT

  27. AKSHAY says:

    Media should be more responsible and should not glorify gangsters.

  28. Human says:

    All people who say they want to be like dawood or do work like him are all retards…. please go and get a check up.. may be ur brains have peanuts! Morons! god knows how come u even think abt that!

  29. noman ashraf says:

    kis dawood ki trha bnana chahtey ho jo khud sala choron ki zindgi guzar ha….agr uski trha bn gaye to apney rab ko kya moun dikhao gay

  30. farroq says:

    superb we love dawood bhai….

  31. farroq says:

    hey fa me too bhai was role model

  32. farroq says:

    i love dawood… if anyone try to damage my bhai goodwill means hav sentenced to be hell

  33. yogendra says:

    you are mad and i suppose you aren't Indian